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Sep 28, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. the offense is doing its job. the defense, hard to believe ago, thee weeks redskins, it was being looked at as its most reliable units. it has fallen to 30th in the league. you can be sure it is an area to improve on. the third hasfin everything the redskins would be, ande more. the defense, not so much. what was supposed to be one of the team's strengths has turned out to be its biggest weakness. washington currently ranks 30th. they've given up 101 points in just three games. >> i am not going to write the book on this yet. we have to continue to get better. after years of ineffectiveness, the redskins' pulling theirally weight. the average more points per y other team in the nfl. >> power defense is going to play and how many points we are going to score. we take a week by week. >> if they need any added incentive, they can look to secondary coach. he is returning to tampa for the first time since being fired. we have a ton of things to play for. an addition have this weekend. there is someone else out on the wizards as well. >> good news all around. coming up next, first got b
Sep 25, 2012 5:00pm EDT
vanished in 1966 while on reconnaissance in vietnam. >> the longest serving civilian and the defense department and why he is still on the job after all these years. >> times have changed. you just have to be sensitive. >> find out who is responsible for no more father-daughter dance is in one of rhode island town. >> a new way to get through security without taking off your shoes or remove your computer from your bag. [ female announcer ] dear daughter, welcome to america. your share of obama's debt is over 50 thousand dollars, and it grows every day. obama's policies are making it harder on women. the poverty rate for women -- the highest in 17 years. more women are unemployed under president obama. more than five and a half million women can't find work. that's what obama's policies have done for women. welcome, daughter. [ romney ] i'mt mitt romney and i approve this message. >> we have breaking news from new york city. was arrested in february after police say she arranged a tryst with two women and a police officer posing as a client. >> one town in rhode island has now banned
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2